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Fanfiction by HanuuEshe
Hello. My name is Hanuu Eshe. You killed my fandom. Prepare to die.

Or, you know, not. Hello! I am HanuuEshe, and I write fanfiction (of the heroes persuasion, mostly). It's mainly slash, which is weird because going through my pairings, even the cracktastic ones that make no sense because the characters haven't met in canon, you'll find that I have all of three fem/slash pairings out of nine. Huh. Whatever.

I'll also be reccing the best fanfiction I come across, because most of the time I won't be writing it. When I finally get around to getting a beta, s/he will get a dedication right about here. But for now, this is it.

So long, and thanks for all the fish!

UPDATE: I have found a beta in the form of the wonderful plotbunnytiff! Thanks hon!

GENERAL DISCLAIMER: I am well-aware that I am a crossposting whore, when put politely. I apologize for anyone who has a lot of communities on their flist and is therefore liable to be inadvertantly spammed by me.

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